Capt. Jacks

Capt. Jacks

Capt. Jacks

This past week we visited Capt Jacks, the place was set out well in regards to furnishings and color schemes but felt broken up in regards to seating and tables to the buffet area that was shoved and hidden out of the way beyond a low wall.

The buffet was cheap and the items on the buffet was nothing special for lunch, yet it was all good including the featured fish Pollock the day we visited.



Pollock is a mild and cheap fish that really would not offend most people and that is why it is used in a lot of places around the country.

The salad bar had a good amount of items and dressings, the main buffet had Pollock cooked a handful ways plus some popcorn shrimp, there was also some pretty nice veal Parmesan and fresh vegetables, greens and green beans.

There was also a number of select deserts to be had but not a big selection, the buffet was small but you could not complain about it as everything was good, service was polite and attentive.

Place Visited:

8208 Thomas Dr
Panama City Beach,
Phone: 850-236-8555


~ by Hungry Alien on April 3, 2011.

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