Royal Buffet

Royal Buffet

Royal Buffet

This week we decided on going to a buffet, on our endless search to find a nice Chinese Buffet.

But sadly it seems that first choice is not going to be the final, i will explain further…

Me and my wife love chinese food so we thought we would find that one special spot that serves nice, hot food and though we wanted to this to be our go to chinese buffet it sadly is not.



The Royal buffet has a selection of food but it seems dis-jointed and you are left wanting more, not in a “I want more because i enjoyed it” kind of way sadly.

The food was either dry or cold, some favorites was not even present and even thinking on basics the fruit was unripe regarding water melon and pineapple.

This place has potential but it is just not reaching it, the Royal Buffet is nicely set out ambiance is good though it could use a minor re-design around the soda fountain.

The soda fountain makes the layout crash on it’s face instead of flowing as it looks like someone has suddenly dropped a shed on the floor and you expect clowns to run out of it any minute.

I have been to worse, but that is not any reason to go back to bad as the whole point to this is to find good food.

Place Visited:

144 E 23 Rd St
Panama City, FL 32405
Phone: 850-873-6168


~ by Hungry Alien on March 24, 2011.

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