Longhorn Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse On back beach Road, in the Pier Park me and my wife visited today and i thought i would post some comments on this.

Service at Longhorns Steakhouse is quite good and polite, it is a shame the food could not be said to be so also as the Longhorn Steakhouse use to be pretty good.

Texas Tonion

Texas Tonion

We started the meal with the Texas Tonion, it was served hot and tasted great with a bit of horseradish in the sauce.

We had a bread basket served and a salad for each of us, all was fine but sadly the rest of the meal went down hill from this point.

This is sad because me and my wife use to really enjoy the Longhorns, when ever we mentioned steak it use to be a given that we were going to longhorn Steakhouse whether that day or at the very least within a week.

Over Cooked Baked Potato

Over Cooked Baked Potato

My wife ordered a 11oz steak medium well and a fully loaded baked potato, the steak was fine but her potato was clearly a re-heated dried out mess that should not have been served to a hog never mind the public.

On now to my main course as i ordered a 14oz new york strip steak medium well and seasoned fries.


New York Strip Steak

New York Strip Steak

After my steak and seasoned fries was taken away to be corrected as i ordered the steak medium well, it was presented to me with so much blood coming out of it that a good vet could get the steak back on it’s feet in five minutes.

I was after that within a couple minutes given the missing part of my order on the small side plate, the fries.

Service is fine but that is all that can be said about the place, for now people should give it a miss as this is the second time the meals have been wrong at Longhorn Steakhouse.

Place Visited:

15721 Back Beach Road
Panama City Beach, FL 32413
Phone: 850-233-4980


~ by Hungry Alien on March 14, 2011.

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