China Wok

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Over a week a go my wife and i was starting to get ill with something going around here akin to the flu but not so long lasting but more to the point because of this we chosen instead of going out we would have something delivered.

Of course since we did not want to have any pizza we picked chinese and looked what was locally available and seen the China Wok  so we made our orders, Never do this when your sick and over – hungry.

Wonton Soup

Wonton Soup

My wife and i ordered The Pu Pu Platter for two and the wonton soup for starters, well the soup was darker than we are use to for wonton soup and it was too salty but since we were hungry we kept going, the wontons were nice size and tasted pretty good.

The soup was delivered with what you would expect the crispy wontons,  and once finished with it we were ready to be starting with the Pu Pu platter for two.

I do however have a question is why when you order a meal for two do you one get given one packet of chopsticks, were we suppose to use them as spears one each, we ordered two main meals two soups and a platter for two so why would we only be given one pair of chopsticks?

Pu Pu Platter

Pu Pu Platter

The Pu Pu Platter Mostly was over cooked and dry, and overly salty and no where near the quality you would expect, Jin Jin 88 has a far better Platter order this one at your own peril.

My wife ordered sweet and sour chicken and was not too pleased with it being to over cooked again to almost the point of being hard pebbles but at least she were able to eat some of it as you can not say they are sparing with their food as it is plentiful… Just not great food.

She had with it the Fried rice and at that point told me we are never ordering anything else from the china wok, well ok said i.

Mushroom Beef

Mushroom Beef

My main course selection was mushroom beef and fried rice, the rice was not that great tasting but having the mushroom beef over it was sure a help to aid in the eating of the meal

There were a good size, but with all things considered here you are given quantity over quality and that theme run through this whole meal.

If you want a chinese meal to eat at home, go to the chinese restaurant and order a meal to go, do not use the china wok, we may get delivery again from Another place but not from here and maybe we will find a nice delivery for chinese food.

Place Delivered:

3102 West 23rd Street
Panama City, FL 32405-1829
Phone: 850-784-1011


Deadeye Dicks Steakhouse

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Deadeye Dicks Steakhouse

Deadeye Dicks Steakhouse

This Week Deadeye Dicks Steakhouse, Ever on the search for a good steak meal me and my wife go bravely forth again to bring you our latest en-devour.

Deadeye Dicks Steakhouse is newly opened on Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach, so here we go…

We were greeted and taken to a table the service is polite and attentive, even if inexperienced and it shows but being new place it is to be expected.



The ambiance is what you would expect, bland and functional, there is nothing wrong with that as far as it goes but i would of liked it a little more in fitting with the theme.

This place does offer a salad bar, i found it underwhelming so i did not have anything off it.

The whole place seems to be wrapped up in pomp and this will become more evident later as i continue this review, the salad bar is crowned with various wines and spirits in great big bottles.

I am aware it is straight forward that restaurants want to push their drink as this can go as far as 50% of the over all meal cost but i found it all tacky.

We made our orders and was brought a bread basket, the orange blossom bread was so good, you wish they would of brought you more.

My wife ordered the Capt Steak a chopped salad and potato logs.

The salad was more pomp, instead of being a nice clean fresh salad it had way too much going on.

She ordered it without the blue cheese and it come with nuts that was not too good, and the over all portion was small and poor, my wife leaving salad is not a natural thing.

Her Steak had a over powering taste of garlic, it needs to be said that the steak was cooked correctly just she was unable to finish the steak since it had so much garlic that it made the whole thing inedible.

Then we come to my wifes, potato logs, her logs seemed more overly cooked than mine and she did not manage to finish them.

Mixed Grill

Mixed Grill

To the left you see what i decided on, my pick was the mixed grill.

Though the name suggests it was mixed, the flavor profile sure as heck was not as all i could taste was the over powerful taste of garlic.

The sirloin had garlic butter on it and what seemed to be cooked in some chopped or minced garlic that had been cooked with it.

The sausage tasted mostly of smoked garlic sausage, the chicken thigh was garlic again but a little too pink near the bone for me to risk too much as eating uncooked chicken is dangerous.

The ribs are the only good thing on the plate, my choice was a wet rib meaning i had of course the sauce and it was so good.

My sides were smashed cauliflower (more like obliterated cauliflower), it was nothing more than a paste or better description would be a thick soup.

And that left my potato logs,  i kind of did not mind them though some were bordering on over cooked.

This meal should of been more considering the excessive price of almost $80, yes it is over priced for garlic with more garlic on the side.. you would expected it to taste a lot better.

They are trying way to hard for something that should be presented clean and simple that they should have down, but fails because of pomp, ever heard of the old saying “jack of all trades, master of none” that describes the Deadeye Dicks Steakhouse.

Too much going on the menu and it is hard to believe a menu with hundreds of items would have any consistency, especially between maybe a number of chefs, visit several days and get several versions of the same meal due to chef style.

Nothing we had would even persuade us to be going back anytime soon, overall this would NOT be a place suggested for you.

Place Visited:

9802 Front Beach Rd

Panama City Beach, FL 32407

Phone: 850-249-3425

Capt. Jacks

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Capt. Jacks

Capt. Jacks

This past week we visited Capt Jacks, the place was set out well in regards to furnishings and color schemes but felt broken up in regards to seating and tables to the buffet area that was shoved and hidden out of the way beyond a low wall.

The buffet was cheap and the items on the buffet was nothing special for lunch, yet it was all good including the featured fish Pollock the day we visited.



Pollock is a mild and cheap fish that really would not offend most people and that is why it is used in a lot of places around the country.

The salad bar had a good amount of items and dressings, the main buffet had Pollock cooked a handful ways plus some popcorn shrimp, there was also some pretty nice veal Parmesan and fresh vegetables, greens and green beans.

There was also a number of select deserts to be had but not a big selection, the buffet was small but you could not complain about it as everything was good, service was polite and attentive.

Place Visited:

8208 Thomas Dr
Panama City Beach,
Phone: 850-236-8555

Royal Buffet

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Royal Buffet

Royal Buffet

This week we decided on going to a buffet, on our endless search to find a nice Chinese Buffet.

But sadly it seems that first choice is not going to be the final, i will explain further…

Me and my wife love chinese food so we thought we would find that one special spot that serves nice, hot food and though we wanted to this to be our go to chinese buffet it sadly is not.



The Royal buffet has a selection of food but it seems dis-jointed and you are left wanting more, not in a “I want more because i enjoyed it” kind of way sadly.

The food was either dry or cold, some favorites was not even present and even thinking on basics the fruit was unripe regarding water melon and pineapple.

This place has potential but it is just not reaching it, the Royal Buffet is nicely set out ambiance is good though it could use a minor re-design around the soda fountain.

The soda fountain makes the layout crash on it’s face instead of flowing as it looks like someone has suddenly dropped a shed on the floor and you expect clowns to run out of it any minute.

I have been to worse, but that is not any reason to go back to bad as the whole point to this is to find good food.

Place Visited:

144 E 23 Rd St
Panama City, FL 32405
Phone: 850-873-6168

Longhorn Steakhouse

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Longhorn Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse On back beach Road, in the Pier Park me and my wife visited today and i thought i would post some comments on this.

Service at Longhorns Steakhouse is quite good and polite, it is a shame the food could not be said to be so also as the Longhorn Steakhouse use to be pretty good.

Texas Tonion

Texas Tonion

We started the meal with the Texas Tonion, it was served hot and tasted great with a bit of horseradish in the sauce.

We had a bread basket served and a salad for each of us, all was fine but sadly the rest of the meal went down hill from this point.

This is sad because me and my wife use to really enjoy the Longhorns, when ever we mentioned steak it use to be a given that we were going to longhorn Steakhouse whether that day or at the very least within a week.

Over Cooked Baked Potato

Over Cooked Baked Potato

My wife ordered a 11oz steak medium well and a fully loaded baked potato, the steak was fine but her potato was clearly a re-heated dried out mess that should not have been served to a hog never mind the public.

On now to my main course as i ordered a 14oz new york strip steak medium well and seasoned fries.


New York Strip Steak

New York Strip Steak

After my steak and seasoned fries was taken away to be corrected as i ordered the steak medium well, it was presented to me with so much blood coming out of it that a good vet could get the steak back on it’s feet in five minutes.

I was after that within a couple minutes given the missing part of my order on the small side plate, the fries.

Service is fine but that is all that can be said about the place, for now people should give it a miss as this is the second time the meals have been wrong at Longhorn Steakhouse.

Place Visited:

15721 Back Beach Road
Panama City Beach, FL 32413
Phone: 850-233-4980

Jin Jin 88

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Jin Jin 88

Jin Jin 88

Jin Jin 88, is located at Panama City Beach, Florida and is quite a small chinese restaurant for these days but do not let that dissuade you from going.

I have been here a couple times and both times has been a positive experience, i will be discussing my last visit here as both was just as excellent.

I decided on the wan ton soup, Pu Pu Platter and Beef with mushroom, nothing grandiose just good tasty choice for a lunch.

The soup was surprisingly nice, not to dark or salty and the wan tons tasted great without tasting like they had been stored under a rock some where.

The Pu Pu platter was freshly cooked and hot as well as the shrimp being crunchy, fresh and hot and kind of over shadowing the rest of the platter but the quality of the whole platter was just as good.

The Beef with mushroom was well prepared and hot, tasted good and the ingredients were fresh, no horrible week old mushrooms or what not in here.

Sushi Bar

Sushi Bar

There is of course a sushi bar that offers all the usual suspects and should you want to partake there of i doubt you will be dissatisfied with the choices or quality.

There are currently two Jin Jin 88 restaurants, the one i visited on these occasions was on the beach.

Over all i enjoyed going to the Jin Jin 88 and it should be considered if you wish to have more of an experience than a mere chinese buffet that are all over the place these days.

Place Visited:

11560 Panama City Beach Pkwy
Panama City Beach, FL, 32407-2502

Welcome To The Hungry Alien

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Welcome to a new blog from a middle aged person, i will be posting about various things to do with food whether it be eating out or cooking something different and simple.

I will be pointing out what is good and what does not taste good around and about my home base of Florida, and where ever i may travel.

I will leave it up to you to figure out where i got this name from but it is quite logical.